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awkward family photos: the royal family

why are these so funny?

The Queen using an iPhone is still the best thing about all this. I just love it.

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Hey guys, I wanna give you some stuff cuz I love all of you!

What you get:

If this reaches 2500 reblogs The winner can pick any 5 of the cool stuff! (Shirts, iPhone cases, sonic screwdriver, river songs notebook, doctor who-opoly)

If you want something else and it’s resonably priced than we can talk this is really just a guideline

I’ll add something for every 500 notes this gets over 2500

If it reaches 7500 than I’m adding in the blu ray series’ 1-7 with the sonic, face decal thingies, and the comic book thingie

If it reaches 10000 then I’ll throw in the picture signed by David Tennant and John Simm


Mbf me: novice-whovian I will check!

Don’t follow me then unfollow me afterwards. That’s just not cool man.

Reblogs only! Please I can not stress this enough!

You can reblog as many times as you like.

No giveaway blogs! I will check!

Don’t spam your followers.

Must have your ask box open and reply within 48 hours.

I will not reveal your URL unless you give me permission.

Ends January 15th 2014

I will use a random generator to choose who wins!

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

okay all y’all need to reblog this and follow this babe okay? okay

omfg yes please to like all of that

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London by bendisdonc.

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This blog is slowly turning into a One Direction blog. I hate it. But I love it.